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Perfect Intonation
PERFECT INTONATION in 60 Minutes is NOT a typical SCALES and ARPEGGIO book!

This is a way of PRACTICING Scales and Arpeggios that takes 60 Minutes a day, or less, to PERFECT INTONATION!  Perfect Intonation can be achieved by String Players who may or may not have Perfect Pitch or Perfect Relative Pitch.   By practicing each note of a Scale or Arpeggio with the closest Open String and the closest Perfect Interval (Perfect 4ths, 5ths, Octaves, Unisons), one can achieve PERFECT INTONATION by correcting each "double-stop" until there is NO waver or "beat" between the Open String and the Fingered Note.  PERFECT INTONATION occurs when the 2 notes are in perfect balance with each other and sound "pure" and "open" to the ear.

Paperback Edition:  $16.50 plus shipping


Wacky Musical Instruments!
Wacky Musical Instruments! Is a Family Affair! This delightful Book is about Families of the Symphony Orchestra and how each Family Member works together with Other Families of the Orchestra to bring about the MIRACLE of LIVE MUSIC!! After all, MUSIC is the Universal Language for the entire world! Readers of ALL ages and backgrounds will ENJOY the hilarious Drawings of our 15 Wacky Musical Instruments as they tell their stories through SOUND and Wacky Poetry! ENJOY!!

Paperback Edition: $31.99
plus shipping


Funny Composers

Hilarious Caricatures of Classical Composers Throughout the Ages! PLUS - A Few Living Conductors

Paperback Edition: $61.99 plus shipping


The Simple Dictionary for Classical Musicians

Humorous caricatures parody the technical and specialized nomenclature found in the exclusive coterie of classical music. With this offbeat “dictionary,” classically trained musicians will be able to translate terms such as Bottesini Grand Duo, Basso Continuo, and Con Ferre da Calza to their more simple definitions, the ones most musicians secretly harbor.

Sho-Mei Pelletier offers classical musicians a release from the serious task of music-making in The Simple Dictionary for Classical Musicians: A Humorous Collection of Terms, Types, and Repertoire. 

Paperback Edition: $9.99 plus shipping


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